Peter Rivera

(Original Lead Singer & Drummer of Rare Earth ‘69-’75)

Peter Rivera was the voice of the Rare Earth hits and the man on the drums. He’s considered one of the pre-eminent singer/drummers of all time.

Peter Rivera LIVE “Get Ready” (Rare Earth HIT) | Jukebox | Huckabee

Peter Rivera was born and raised in Detroit, so its not unimaginable that when his band, Rare Earth, signed to Motown Records, they would cover a couple of Motor City classics. But what set the record label on its ear and garnered national attention was that the band’s recordings of “(I Know) I’m Losing You” and “Get Ready” became bigger hits than the originals by the Temptations. Peter and company went on to record many gold and platinum albums and the hits just kept on coming, including “Born To Wander”, “Hey Big Brother”, and the anthemic “I Just Want to Celebrate”. Years of touring took Peter all over the world, but he still writes material for his own musical projects and his latest Album is “It Is What It Is”. Peter is considered to be one of the pre-eminent singer/drummers of all time. He was the voice of all the Rare Earth hits as well as the man behind the drums. His passion for music and unsurpassed talent earn him standing ovations wherever he plays.

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